Diamondfire Apparel | Fashion CASH Contest 2019

Cash prizes are $100.00 USD, $200.00 USD and $300.00 USD for Most Sales that the TOP 3 winners refer to Diamondfire Apparel. 

Competitive Hustlers are welcomed. Spread the Word, Win a Prize!!

1st Place Winner – 

Individual or Business that delivers the MOST Sales gets: 

$300 Cash Payout and 

paid within 3 Days

2nd Place Winner –

Individual or Business that delivers the 2nd Place MOST Sales gets:

 $200 Cash Payout and 

paid within 5 Days

3rd Place Winner –

Individual or Business that delivers the 3rd Place MOST Sales gets:

$100 Cash Payout 

paid within 7 Days 

Diamondfire Apparel Fashion Cash Contest Terms and Conditions


All contestants are responsible for filing and paying on their own tax earnings and preparations.


Cash Bonuses are based on sales referred by each Winner and varies as follows:

1st Place Winner gets $50 weekly bonus for every 40 sales referred. S/he will earn 25% per Sale. Minimum Contest Sales for the 1st Place Winner are 200+ completed sales. 

2nd Place Winner gets $50 weekly bonus for every 50 sales referred as a 

partner. S/he will earn 20% per Sale. Minimum Contest Sales for the 2nd Place Winner are 150+ completed sales. 

3rd Place Winner gets $50 weekly bonus for every 60 sales referred as a partner. S/he will earn 15% per Sale. Minimum Contest Sales for the 3rd Place Winner is 105+ completed sales. 

Who may join this Contest? 

ALL people AND businesses who would like to participate are welcome to, and Win Cash payouts. Whether you are a domestic resident, within the USA or an International resident outside of the continental United States. As long as you are 18 years of age or older, you may join and Win in this contest. 

Contest ends: . 

May the Best 3 Win. Ready, Set, GO! 

  Money Talks, REAL Talk…

So Let’s get started