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Fashion + Money. Make Profit from the Fashion Industry, specifically the Indie Fashion Industry.

Get Paid for every sale you refer to Diamondfire Apparel. Earn 15% per sale PLUS $50 cash bonuses for every 15 sales you refer. When new Fashion Affiliates sign up through your referral link, you Profit. When new customers purchase through your referral link, you Profit. 

Get your cut of this Fashion pie! 😉 The time is Now. Partner with Diamondfire Apparel.  Diamondfire Apparel is an online fashion boutique featuring handmade by sewing machine merchandise, including fashion accessories and stylish clothing and eventually exotic fashion footwear. The merchandise is a variety of high quality style that is highly affordable and fashion designed and handmade with sewing machine. #diamond #fire #apparel #fashion #indiefashion #diamondfireapparel #dresses  


Full campaign analytics Support via phone, email and text Complete Access to Display Ads, Text Ads and Video Ads Custom sized Ads and Custom Ad Requests also available* Payouts via PayPal and Money Order or Check High quality display and text media available 100% FREE 100% No Risk Members in USA and International are both welcome to Join this Program


Payouts: Payouts are bi-weekly on Saturdays. Low $20 minimum bi-weekly payout, including cash bonuses.

Affiliate and referral partnerships begin upon approval.

Payments and bonuses are distributed only to confirmed and completed sales.

Taxes: All program members once approved are responsible for filing and paying on their own tax earnings and preparations.

Currencies Accepted: USD, (United States Dollar) and Euros are welcomed.


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Marketing: Affiliate Partners may use any content, Display Ads, Text Ads and Video Ads from Diamondfire Apparel’s official social media pages, fashion boutique and / or fashion blog while promoting, networking or marketing Diamondfire Apparel’s services and / or products.

Right to New Partnerships: This is a Fashion Referral Program that is performance based upon effective product sales AND marketing. Affiliates / Referral Partnerships can be cancelled or terminated at any time without notice. This Program’s Terms can be updated and modified at any time without notice. For questions, assistance and concerns please contact me.

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Ignite the Creative Fire of My Fashion Designs | Bandeau Dresses Tube Dresses Leg Jewelry

Clubbing Never Looked so Good!

Do you like clubbing or partying? Do you love looking great, rocking the latest designer fashions? Maybe you are going on a date? Maybe you’re heading to a special event, or even to a costume party – but hate the price tag associated with buying other brands?

Sure, you can shop with other stores or boutiques for fashion dresses, but only at Diamondfire Apparel – you actually get more ingenuity…creativity, plus you still get high quality service but at a better price.

This brand is a unique presentation of high quality designs, fabrics and fashion sewing. You are covered from casual, to formal, to anything in between. Pick your colors, prints and patterns.

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I work well with a variety of fashion fabrics, including sequins, lace, satin, silk, denim, stretch fabrics, stretch prints even faux furs and more; the choice is yours. You may want a cute and comfortable tube dress.

You may want a dressier, stylish bandeau dress that enhances your elegance. Either way, I AM FAIR GAME Luv!😉

Diamondfire Apparel is not mass produced, but limited edition because it’s custom designed and handmade with sewing machine.

Don’t FIND fabulous clothes, don’t SHOP for fabulous clothes, instead have fabulous new clothes DESIGNED and sewn to order… for you, and all affordably for under $50.

Opt in to accentuate your fashion statement with handmade stylish leg jewelry sets to decorate your legs or other styles of costume jewelry.

The only thing you need to make sure that you have – is a strapless bra or tube bra to wear with your new dress!

#diamondfireapparel #colorblock #animalprint #patterned #stripes #blackandwhite #dresses #fashion #style #tubedresses #bandeaudresses

Diamondfire Apparel is exclusively for women who desire to turn heads… of other women, and men too! Be blessed with trendsetting and flirty fashion dress styles of bandeau dresses, tube dresses and leg jewelry. You are just a few clicks away from perfection.

From Idea, to Fabric, to Creation… Come to Me. My work speaks for itself: “Shine like a Diamond, in HOTTT like Fire apparel.” | Diamondfire Apparel 

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Diamondfire Apparel | Fashion CASH Contest 2019

Cash prizes are $100.00 USD, $200.00 USD and $300.00 USD for Most Sales that the TOP 3 winners refer to Diamondfire Apparel. 

Competitive Hustlers are welcomed. Spread the Word, Win a Prize!!

1st Place Winner – 

Individual or Business that delivers the MOST Sales gets: 

$300 Cash Payout and 

paid within 3 Days

2nd Place Winner –

Individual or Business that delivers the 2nd Place MOST Sales gets:

 $200 Cash Payout and 

paid within 5 Days

3rd Place Winner –

Individual or Business that delivers the 3rd Place MOST Sales gets:

$100 Cash Payout 

paid within 7 Days 

Diamondfire Apparel Fashion Cash Contest Terms and Conditions


All contestants are responsible for filing and paying on their own tax earnings and preparations.


Cash Bonuses are based on sales referred by each Winner and varies as follows:

1st Place Winner gets $50 weekly bonus for every 40 sales referred. S/he will earn 25% per Sale. Minimum Contest Sales for the 1st Place Winner are 200+ completed sales. 

2nd Place Winner gets $50 weekly bonus for every 50 sales referred as a 

partner. S/he will earn 20% per Sale. Minimum Contest Sales for the 2nd Place Winner are 150+ completed sales. 

3rd Place Winner gets $50 weekly bonus for every 60 sales referred as a partner. S/he will earn 15% per Sale. Minimum Contest Sales for the 3rd Place Winner is 105+ completed sales. 

Who may join this Contest? 

ALL people AND businesses who would like to participate are welcome to, and Win Cash payouts. Whether you are a domestic resident, within the USA or an International resident outside of the continental United States. As long as you are 18 years of age or older, you may join and Win in this contest. 

Contest ends: . 

May the Best 3 Win. Ready, Set, GO! 

  Money Talks, REAL Talk…

So Let’s get started