Diamondfire Apparel | Fashion Profit Sharing Partners Program 2019

Fashion + Money. Get Paid for every sale you refer to Diamondfire Apparel. Earn 15% per sale PLUS $50 cash bonuses weekly for every 15 sales you refer. Get your cut of this Fashion pie! 😉 The time is Now. Partner with Diamondfire Apparel. 

Diamondfire Apparel is an online fashion boutique featuring handmade by sewing machine merchandise, including fashion accessories and stylish clothing and eventually exotic fashion footwear. The plan is to provide a variety of high quality style that is highly affordable.


Full campaign analytics

Support via phone, email and text

Complete Access to Display Ads, Text Ads and Video Ads

Custom sized Ads and Custom Ad Requests also available*

Payouts via PayPal and Money Order or Check

High quality display and text media available

100% FREE

100% No Risk

Members in USA and International are both welcome to Join this Program



Payouts are weekly on Saturdays. Low $20 minimum payout. Affiliate and referral partnerships begin upon approval. Payments and bonuses are distributed only to confirmed and completed sales.


All program members once approved are responsible for filing and paying on their own tax earnings and preparations.


Affiliate Partners may use any content, Display Ads, Text Ads and Video Ads from Diamondfire Apparel’s official social media pages, fashion boutique and / or fashion blog while promoting, networking or marketing Diamondfire Apparel’s services and / or products.

Right to New Partnerships:

This is a Fashion Referral Program that is performance based upon effective product sales AND marketing. Affiliates / Referral Partnerships can be cancelled or terminated at any time without notice.

This Program’s Terms can be updated and modified at any time without notice. For questions, assistance and concerns please contact me.

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