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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Afi Fennick
5:17 AM

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Strong Interest in Fashion Design and Sewing, Under the Influence of Women's Fashion



"Shine like a Diamond ๐Ÿ’Ž, in HOTTT like Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ Apparel." | Diamondfire Apparel

Extreme Lover of F A S H I O N, self-taught, "from the ground, on up" and entrepreneurial self-made. Continuous learner and DIY skilled in designing and sewing women's fashion clothing and accessories with the ultimate goal of maintaining a successful and forever growing fashion business, both nationwide and international.

"Every new skill I Learn becomes a new skill I’ve Earned."

Strong believer in productivity, distinction, fiery passion and creativity. 

  • Hands on learner
  • Creative and driven
  • Appreciates appealing fashion distinction
  • High respect for elder seamstresses and seamstresses with more experience / history
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Sewing
  • Website Design
  • Creative photography watermarks in fashion photography (see model pics below)
  • Fashion photography (see model photos below)
  • Creative Writing; including blog posts, fashion ads, resume writing featuring hard and soft skills  and professional networking campaigns - overall knack for developing high quality and professional presentation
  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion Embellishments
  • Basic Alterations
  • Specialty in making tube strapless fashion dresses and sleeveless fashion dresses
  • Specialty in making distinctive cloth jewelry, leg jewelry
  • Currently studying patterns and grading for more styles
  • Primary Focus on plus size style and fashion, but also catering to petite and traditional size women as well. 
  • Learning more and more about Business, Social Media and Online Marketing.
  • Also skilled in, but unlimited to: coordinator and organizer for distributed fashion videos, branding and networking. 
  • Also skilled in, but unlimited to: creative business writing, for example; writing and "blending" fashion articles and posts, fashion ads, etc. 
  • Strong ability to turn fabric store materials in to creative fashion designs. Skilled with putting diverse patterns, prints and colors together to create a new and unique item of style. 
  • Fashion design is something I look forward to as a career. It is a strong passion. I have a keen eye for it and I look forward to releasing and constantly showcasing and growing from my talents. :-)
Indie Fashion Designer Blogger and Seamstress, Afi Fennick via Diamondfire Apparel

English High School -- Jamaica Plain, MA - High School Diploma

Graduated from Self-taught DIY From the Ground, Up University
Studied Life Academics at the School of Hard Knocks 


  • Desire to learn more / strong interest in SEO, lead building and social media marketing.
  • Desire to learn more / strong interest in balanced and effective  modern medicine remedies PLUS also utilizing a productive combination of herbal and organic medicinal methods  and remedies for health and healing as well. 
  • Curiosity in human body language and general behaviors.  


  • Fashion Product Reviews
  • Fashion Product Giveaways
  • Fashion Contests
  • Fashion Interviews
  • Fashion Photography
  • Sewing Projects 
  • Fashion Guest Posts / Writing


  • FEBRUARY/3/2019 - Initiated collaborations with entertainer and fashion model, Young T - my model,  first born fashion prodigy...   
  • Launching introductory fashion modeling photos of my first official fashion collaboration. This 1st photography campaign will be launched no later than midnight tonight, February 3, 2019 and will be featured throughout various places on the fashion blog, the boutique store and a couple of social media networks, including Instagram and Facebook. (See model photos below.)
Model Young T with Diamondfire Apparel Fashion Collaboration Feb 2019

 Model Young T with Diamondfire Apparel Fashion Collaboration Feb 2019

Model Young T with Diamondfire Apparel Fashion Collaboration Feb 2019

Diamondfire Apparel featuring Model @youngt_far_ent

  • DECEMBER/2018 - Introduced handmade fashion collection of leg jewelry and fashion dresses. Working on final fashion dress for this first collection for official launch January 2019! 
  • Interviewed with USTrendy on fashion experience and desires, shown here: http://www.diamondfireapparel.com/2014/12/interview.html  
  • DECEMBER/2/2018 - Collaborating on Fashion Modeling Project with Young T- creative writer, poet and model. 
  • DECEMBER/17/2018 - Collaborating on Fashion Modeling Project with Lucie, aspiring actress with an interest in fashion modeling.
  • DECEMBER/17/2018 - Collaborating on Fashion Modeling Project with Ms. Dejanae, a fashion lover.

  • Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Companies of talent, creativity and productivity: (See below)

  • Currently seeking Manufacturing providers who can assemble small bulk lots for startup boutique clothing shops like mine.
  • Seeking Independent and underground music artists, entertainers and other talented, productive and creative persons who I can help network and promote on my YouTube channel and Pinterest. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  • Seeking Fashion Pattern Graders and Fashion Sewing Teachers who can provide affordable fashion design grading services and affordable sewing tutorial sessions, including by the hour.  
  • Seeking Fashion photographers interested in freelance fashion photography projects in exchange for free social media promotion. 
  • Seeking People interested in indie fashion and who participate in fashion affiliate programs and fashion merchandise to promote and network. 
  • Seeking Webmasters who are interested in / seeking high quality fashion content.  
  • Seeking More females who are productive and creative who are also interested in fashion modeling. 


  • COMING MARCH/APRIL 2019 - I have an interest in continuing to promote indie music artists in my YouTube Artists Corner, but also to feature more and new content on my fashion blog. I will be looking to network and collaborate with artists in the near future. CHECK BACK... See My Contributions page for updates and details.  
  • COMING FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 - Focus more on providing services to a variety of people in need in my community and abroad through community support and community services - giving back. My goal is to give back through emotional, social, humanitarian deeds and also some financial support. CHECK BACK... See My Contributions page for updates and details.